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Why We specialize in CrowdFunding

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, budding startup, crowdfunding newbie + was custom-built to meet the needs of products like those on starup company. The most important features you need are:


  • On-demand pricing, which scales with you as you grow

  • On-demand processing, so that you are able to ship without hassles when you’re just starting out and when you’re experiencing explosive growth

  • International platform- You likely will have some international shipments in your rewards tiers.


Dedicated Support:
Our experienced team will help you from start to finish, with everything from pre-planning your Kickstarter rewards fulfillment costs to choosing a shopping cart platform to importing your goods.


Crowdfunding Discounts:
We know your Crowdfunding project is on a tight budget, which is why we work with you to find the best rewards fulfillment pricing possible, offering all crowdfunding projects free storage and a discount of 30% or more off our standard rates.


Fast Worldwide Shipping:
Once you’re ready, we ship your crowdfunding rewards same day 1pm EST worldwide via the carrier of your choice. We also extend a multitude of options to save project creators as much money as possible on shipping, including taking advantage of the relationships we have built with the major shipping carriers.

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